Managing multiple clouds FTW

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Once your applications live in the cloud you begin to realize that not all clouds are the same. They differ in price, some offer better performance in certain areas, some are more suitable for your business use cases etc. Sooner or later you might begin to ponder with an idea of running your workload in multiple cloud providers to get the best service you can for a reasonable price.

While workload schedulers solve the top layer of the problem — abstract work being scheduled in the form of containers, processes, etc. — not so many organisations realize the challenge of managing lower layers, meaning compute, databases, load balancers and generally anything prior to having a scheduler running in the infrastructure, ready to schedule work.

In this talk we’ll walk through some key differences between two popular cloud offerings (AWS, Google Cloud) and talk about how to manage a multi-cloud environment using Terraform. Time permitting we'll also see a demonstration involving deployment across multiple clouds.

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