Panel discussion – How to "sell" DevOps to your teammates, your boss, and others who don't give a f*ck

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If you came to this conference, you aware of how DevOps can be useful to you and your company. Here in this panel discussion, we'll dwell on your colleagues, bosses, and others who still not fully understand why all this buzz is necessary.

This hot issue will be considered from different perspectives by a Developer Advocate of JFrog company, a software engineer of Odnoklassniki with more than 10 years of experience in server-side Java development, a Vice President of Engineering with CA Technologies, a leading developer of Odnoklassniki (a Platform Team member), along with a managing partner at Express 42 — a DevOps consulting company. By the end of this discussion you'll be up in arms with new arguments to persuade any retrograde person.

Panel discussion's moderator: Baruch Sadogursky Participants: Alexander Titov, Alexander Tarasov, Leonid Igolnik, Oleg Anastasiev